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Basil & Persian Lime Organic Dark Chocolate Artisan Bar

Basil & Persian Lime Organic Dark Chocolate Artisan Bar

Rococo Basil and Persian Lime
Sadly, this was the last bar of chocolate from Rococo in my British Chocolate Invasion collection. I don’t want my journey with Rococo to end here. I have become a fan and I look forward to getting back to London, where I can visit one of their shops.

What is a Persian lime? Well for us, it’s just a fancy name for limes commonly found in any grocery store or the. That’s not to say this is a bad or generic combination by any means. These limes have a distinctive taste which I think work well with basil.

  • Type: Flavored Bittersweet, 65%
  • Bean Varietal: Unknown
  • Ingredients: Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, Persian limes, basil essential oil, soya lecithin.
  • Sample Size: 70g or 2.4oz
  • Appearance: Deep dark brown with a glossy surface. Classic molding from the 17th century chocolate molds used by Rococo. A few spots of matting from sticking to the inside of the package, but not much.

Score: 93

Snap: Very firm, deep snap. Excellent, but the cracking snap sound was just a tiny bit subdued.

Score: 96

Aroma: Immediately out of the package it was very robust with basil. It was completely dominate and over powering at first. There was also a very strong pepper aroma coupled with roasted cocoa. I let this one sit out of for a bit and the basil toned down quite a bit allowing a bit of a lime aroma to present itself. It still had a lot of pepper notes though. Also, it had a light sweet aroma as well once the basil toned down a bit. Like sweet roasted cocoa not just the wood and toasted aromas on cocoa.

Score: 94

Taste: Roasted cocoa, pop of pepper up front, basil upfront, it is pleasant and light, cocoa is robust and intense, and the lime is very soft. I expected a much bigger basil taste based on the initial aroma. Cocoa is rich and dark, not acidic, or tart. There is nice lingering lime flavors on the after taste and through retro-olfaction. This is balanced with soft flavors that help tame this potent chocolate.

Score: 96

Texture: Smooth opening but some grittiness towards the end of the melt. Medium melt time.

Score: 92

I expected a much bigger basil taste based on the initial aroma. The cocoa is rich and dark, not acidic, or tart. The flavors of basil and lime are soft and delicate.

This is lovely flavored chocolate. I honestly wasn’t sure I was going to like this one at first because the first time I encountered basil and lime in chocolate, the basil was so overwhelming. This was very soft and pretty. The basil and lime ended up being a lovely compliment to the robust chocolate.

The chocolate was rich and robust, but also very sweet. Characteristics of British chocolate I am coming to know. But this was beyond just being a sweeter dark chocolate. It was fairly robust and hearty chocolate for a 65%. Sometimes you can get 65% and it’s too light or too sweet, and sometimes you can get fantastic flavors of the chocolate to come through. It was big cocoa content after all.

But it can all depend on the cocoa butter content. A little known secret to the average fan of chocolate, is that if a chocolate bar says 65% it could only have 50% cocoa and 15% cocoa butter. Since cocoa butter is derived from the beans even if it’s different beans than the cocoa being used, it can technically be called 65%. You can taste it when it’s not as big as it should be.

I liked this chocolate a lot. I have only had 3 bars from Rococo, but I am starting to get the big picture here. Someone with almost 30 years of experience, Chantal Coady knows chocolate and knows how to balance flavors in chocolate the right way.

Final Score: 94.2

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