APE day minus 2

Set off after Charley Boorman send-off from House of Lords, and we managed 420 miles of towing today in the long haul up to JoG. We can only do 60mph in Stuart’s ultra comfortable Volvo, but what a pleasure driving along quiet motorways in spring sunshine – everyone watching the FA cup?! Then suddenly in mid-afternoon a group of Harley Davidson mounted Hell’s Angels emerges from a service station and overtakes us on both sides, join forces in the middle lane in front of us… ouch – disaster, as a couple of wheels touch and Mad max 2 unfurls before our very eyes, and bikers are bouncing along the tarmac, and there’s further carnage behind us as all traffic brakes hard. Jeans clad Angel comes off worst; moral, always wear leathers on a bike!

Stuart calls police & ambulance before we have come to a halt with Volvo in-car phone, and slowly order returns and these tough guys are patched up. Here’s a photo of the air ambulance touching down, and what’s left of the gaggle of bikers after most had moved on to their Glasgow convention:[awaiting image]

During the halt we realise that one of our ad boards on top of the APE has blown out, unused to the 60mphn buffeting! We get to Pinto-Mantho night stop in Glasgow, and fuelled by delicious Mexican dinner and too many glasses of Prosecco, plan running repairs to the ad board using Robert Mantho’s architectural building skills.

APE day minus 1
Sara Pinto’s inimitable pancakes set us up for day 2 of towing and the weather remains kind, none of the forecast rain, at least in Glasgow… I write before leaving, with the most perfect view over the bowler’s arm at the West Of Scotland cricket ground in Partick…today we go via Fort William to Wick.

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