A taste of Italy in Vauxhall

Bonnington Square is set within a small residential triangle hemmed in by aggressively busy roads. According to local legend, the square became subject to a compulsory purchase order in the 1970s, with a view to turning it into a school. While all the residents left, Tony the Turkish shopkeeper on the corner defiantly remained. Egged on by a lawyer, he obtained a stay of execution and the planned demolition never took place. By the 1980s the entire square was squatted, and today a third of the residents derive from that time. Former celebrity squatters include Chantal Coady, of Rococo Chocolates, and the gardener Dan Pearson, who continues to take a paternal interest in the garden square that he helped to design some 10 years ago. By the time Charlie and Luigi discovered the corner shop it had been lying idle for a year and a half.

via A taste of Italy in Vauxhall – Telegraph.

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