A Special Thank You for Mothers of the (Scottish) Brides

We’ve always known our chocolate bars make great wedding gifts – and now we’ve got proof thanks to glossy magazine ‘The Best Scottish Weddings’. A fashion feature called ‘Mother of the Bride’ said of our Dark Chocolate Floral Bar With Rose:

“Couture chocolate is oh-so-now and we think this dark chocolate bar with a hint of rose should be given as a sweet little thank-you token to Mums-of-the-Bride everywhere.”

We couldn’t agree more! Why not show your appreciation even further by giving the Mother of the Bride a delightful Gift Set of 3 Rococo Floral Bars? As well as  Violetti di Parma, how about some rich delicious chocolate wafers, infused with flavours like CardamomPeppered Mint or Earl Grey? Need to say a really big thank you? Then take a look at Rococo’s classic The Cat That Got The Cream Ganache box.

Share the joy of Rococo Chocolate Floral Bars this Summer. Great gifts for Mums of the Bride everywhere – not just in Scotland…

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