A (Japanese) graduate trip to London

(we often do a graduate trip when we finish college or university,around Feb/Mar)

I was walking around Chelsea, I found lovely chocolate shop, Rococo Chocolate! In the guide book, it featured in Mayfair area but Chelsea is the head shop. I fell in love with the cute packaging, but not only the appearance, as organic chocolate the price is very expensive. I had a chance to sample tasting, I bought so many in the end!

1 bag of cocoa
2 bags of set of animal chocolates
2 bags of set of fish chocolates
1 almond chocolat
1 box of car shaped chocolate

It is said that the stylish souvenir present from London is Rococo Chocolate. They are so lovely, delicious and stylish! I wish they come to Japan?

Translation thanks to Yuko Miller.


via ロンドン卒業旅行(6) ロココチョコレート: もちまきっちん.

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