Foodstuff Finds: Rococo Cinnamon Bar (Waitrose)

cinnamon milk chocolate bar

dark chocolate cinnamon bar

This bar isn’t officially a Christmas bar, but with its wonderful cinnamon spice, it really ought to be! I picked up this bar in Waitrose because I was aware that it had been quite a while since I last tried a Rococo bar, and as someone who loves cinnamon I thought that this was a must try.

The bar is made up of wonderful sweet creamy milk chocolate, with a good flavour of cocoa, and a rather well balanced dose of cinnamon. I thought it was nice to see a bar with cinnamon on its own and not mixed with other spices too, there is something very pleasing about the purity of the flavour.

via Foodstuff Finds: Rococo Artisan Bar – Cinnamon (Waitrose).

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